Life Stage: Puppies

Did you know, the fastest animal on the planet is a puppy that has something in it’s mouth that it shouldn’t.

Problem Solving Ability :

– Chewed furniture
– Shredded back door screen
– Jimmy Choo’s no more, just chewed
– Indoor plants, now outdoor plants
– TV Remote – mute button stuck on
– Powercords – now adorn walls as ‘bunting’
– Peace – what’s that!


Products are selected to bring out problem solving abilities, the opportunity to forage and highlight the things your puppy is naturally designed to do.

Designed to remove the inevitable purchasing of a gazillion puppy toys that cost a fortune and that now collect dust on the lounge room floor.

Have you heard of a kong? What about a Lickimat or dog puzzle? Wondering if your puppy is going to use these things? Colleen & Storm are working on some step by step instructional videos on how to teach your puppy to use them. In the meantime, if you’re having trouble just get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Created specifically by Colleen & Storm for you and your puppy, because we know what you need.


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