Keeping Puppies & Dogs Fit & Healthy for Life

Okay, so we know ’Proprioception’ s a really long word and not many people have ever heard of, which is why we like to call it ‘Body Worx’ but what it is?

Proprioception is body awareness, but it does so much more than just awareness that it’s probably quicker for me to tell you what it doesn’t do, but here goes anyway!

Proprioception increases

Coordination, balance, flexibility, muscle strength and stamina, it builds confidence, concentration and aids in the prevention of injury.

So, why is all of this important and can my puppy, dog or senior dog do this?

In short, yes they can and why not add in our shy guys, anxious & reactive dogs too, because when we give these dogs something new to do or create new habits we build confidence and resilience.

Incorporated as part of our dogs weekly routine you will be proactively helping to keep your dog fit & healthy both mentally & physically, you’ll be improving their quality of life and aid in the prevention of injury.

We all know how important it is for our own health & wellness, now you can give that gift to your dog and it’s way more fun that just “walking the dog”.

We are now offering full workshops and introductory workshops aimed at various age groups to give you a taste of what proprioception is and it will provide exercises that are not only age but ability appropriate.

Our qualified proprioception instructors will step you through every exercise and how it benefits your dog and you will have some great new exercises to incorporate into your dogs weekly routine.

We have group and private sessions (ideal for our anxious/reactive dogs) for all dogs aged from 8 weeks – seniors.

To find out more about these fabulous new classes, email or phone Colleen directly on 0415 136 777 or

“Doing exercises and engaging in courses such as proprioception teaches animals to use their bodies in new ways. When animals ( including us) use new muscles or do exercises that are new to us it requires a level of thought process that is quite different from operating innately. It means the animal is thinking and therefore using a higher level of cognition. This is helpful for anxious animals as it means they are acting purposefully but doing something that is thoughtful and non reactive. Just like when you knit or draw or run it is impossible to do this and remain angry. Somehow this simple activity will allow the animals to be, for a time in a calmer state, and being in a calmer state makes this more likely in the future. We teach people to meditate in order for them to practice being calm. Teaching dogs to to use their bodies in a calm way may be just as useful to them.”

Dr Nicole Lobry de Bryun – Animal Sense, Perth, Australia
BSc BVMS MANZCVS (Feline medicine and Animal Behaviour)