Private Consultations & Training

Specialised programs to help reach your dog training goals.

Who’s It For?

Do you need flexibility in your training schedule
If you want a tailored training program
Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in a group setting
Perfect for dogs with special needs.

Most anything we offer can be delivered on a private basis either at your home or our indoor facility in Bibra Lake.

What do we offer?

Sensory Playground – a confidence building, sensory experience like no other
Basic Manners – need a well mannered, obedient dog that walks nicely on leash?
Sniffer Dog School – does your dog dreaming of being a ‘elite sniffer dog’?
In Home Boot Camp – don’t send your dog away, lets do the training at your home, where your
dog is at it’s most comfortable
Dogs & Storks – preparing families and dogs for life with a baby
Dogs & Toddler – play it safe, set everyone up for success
Reactive Dog Care Program – behavioural assessment, tailored plans for reactive dogs and their

How To Enrol

Contact Colleen or view each of the programs through the drop down menu.