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This is the front part of a Perfect Fit Harness, and is suitable for very tiny dogs, very young puppies, and kittens. See our Breed List for further guidance on which size pieces to order.

After extensive testing and many extremely happy customers, we are now introducing the added option of Front Pieces with an extra D ring placed at the centre of the dog’s breast bone. This modification offers handlers the option of clipping a double ended lead to not only the top of the harness but also to this front D ring, enabling them to improve the steering of the dog and reduce or prevent pulling.

The D ring is placed securely in exactly the correct position on the dog’s body so that the harness does not slip or move from side to side when a lead is attached at the front, particularly when the dog is trying to pull forwards or away from the handler.

Also the D ring is high enough on the dog’s front chest so as not to impede the dog’s natual movement.

Our unique design prevents the D ring coming unstitched or compromising the manufacture of the front piece should the dog be a very strong puller.

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