THRIVE!  Industry Workshop

THRIVE! is for volunteers and professionals in the companion animal industry.

Compassion fatigue is a very real issue within the companion animal industry, learn how to THRIVE!. Give your animals 100% and still feel positive, energised and on top of life.

Just how emotionally fit are you?  The signs to look for.

Why positive emotions can improve your health and how to have more of them in your life.

What are the 3 pillars of emotional resilience?

How to stay calm when all around you is frantic.

Learn not to get worn down in the first place, instead of just ‘bouncing back’

The healthier you are the better is it for the animals and owners you care for……and the better it is for you!

‘Thrive’ will help you learn how to stay motivated positive and relaxed in at the stressful and difficult situations you face each day.

Challenger Institute of Technology
130 Murdoch Dve, Murdoch

Thursday, 3rd of September



Light refreshments  and food will be provided.

This is a not for profit event!

Bookings and payment can be made by visiting the link below.