4 sessions over 4 weeks to learn the foundations

TestimonialAt 45 years old and never having lived with a dog in my life, we purchased a Cane Corso puppy ‘Nero’. Nero had the potential to be 60kg fully grown so given Nero’s potential size and my total lack of experience with dogs, I was determined to make it work and have a highly trained dog. My husband Pete (who had dogs years ago) chose Colleen and the team at Manners ‘n’ More for the job.

What I didn’t realise was that it is as important to train the human, if not more important, than training Nero.

We started on our training journey at Puppy Kindy, had one-on-one sessions and graduated to the next level of training. Every week Colleen worked with us all, encouraged me and helped me to build my much needed confidence, taught us new methods, training techniques and play tactics so we could live in harmony with our new furry friend.

Thanks to all the team at Manners ‘n’ More we learned how to live life to the fullest with our canine companion in the most enjoyable, healthy and safe way and had lots of fun and laughter in the process.

Very sadly, Nero went to Rainbow Bridge at only 8 months, we were completely crushed. Colleen and team continued to provide support during our difficult times and since we have followed how Manners ‘n’ More has grown as a business due to their true dedication to dogs and their carers.

Now, 2 years on, we have our new puppy Conan and couldn’t wait to return. We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else to help us continue to learn and for support, advice and guidance during the most important time of our new puppy’s development and of course for the years to come.

Words can’t express how you and Nero changed my life. Manners ‘n’ More – we’re coming back!

Thank you

Andrea & Pete.

Brea and Baxter

From puppy kindy to snuffle to park and 1:1 training – Manners ‘n’ More trainers are professional and amazing people with huge hearts for our pooches. Baxter has truly benefited from his training and continues to seek training and development today! You guys rock! x

Brea Carlton & ‘Baxter’ (Boxer)

Katrina and Winnie

A huge shout out to the fantastic team at Manners’n’More… Our Winnie graduated from Primo Puppy School on the weekend & I cannot Thankyou you all enough for your wonderful support, guidance, insight & encouragement. Your program is exceptional. We have learnt so much more than just basic commands, you have given us a real understanding of puppy behaviour, positive training techniques and an invaluable understanding of body language and appropriate play. We know that with your help, we have given our little girl the best possible start for her future.. Oh and of course not forgetting how much Winnie loved it too!! THANKYOU!

Katrina Walker & ‘Winnie’ (Shar Pei x)