Are You Ready To Get The Ball Rolling?

What’s it all about?

This fast paced and thrilling sport of Triebball (pronouced Try-Ball) involves a big ball, goals and developing essential skills for dog & handler to learn. Triebball is a ‘thinking game’ it’s like ‘soccer’ for dogs or herding without the sheep!

Who is it for?

It’s great for any pet dog and handler searching for their next advetnure. It is perfect for any team that has completed basic manners and those looking to taste the fun and excitment of learning a new activity.

What will you & your dog learn?

  • A level of focus & attention your may have only dreamt about
  • Off leash reliability
  • Distance cues, deliver instructions/cue from a distance
  • Stronger impulse control
  • Teach your dog to ‘target’ objects
  • Learn to build specific behaviours i.e.: pushing and manoeuvring a ball
  • Mental enrichment – because we all need tired dogs.

All of the above coupled together will provide you with the foundation steps to develop new skills around the home and out and about. After all who does’t want off leash control at the beach or park?

You will need a crate for this group (if you don’t have a crate, that’s okay, we do) If your dog is not crate trained, that’s okay, we will teach you. your dog must be canine and people sociable and have a basic level of training as mimimum.

How to get involved

Basic Manners & Leash Walking is the prerequisite to joining this class, simply use the link below to ‘contact us’