Do you scroll through Facebook stopping at every post showing a dog doing a canine feet of wonder and fun.

Do you desire to teach your dog to ‘fist bump’ ‘play dead’ ‘roll it’s self up in blanket’ ‘balance a treat on it’s nose’ maybe you would to surprise you loved one by ‘bring your her a flower on her birthday’.

Whatever you’ve dreamed of your dog doing, trick class can make this happen.

What will you learn?

Precision timing – the ultimate key to success when trick training
Observation – because you’ve got to look for the little increments to your end goal
Create a marker – we use the ‘yes’ word, or ‘click’ can work as well
Steps – every trick taught, needs to be broken down in little manageable steps, learn how to break
it down.
Shaping behaviours – über important, this step is the key to master teaching tricks.
What to do when your not getting success – learn how to press the ‘reset’ button on your dog.

Most of all be prepared to have a heap of fun, this is one of my favourite classes!