Rally ‘O’

A fun and informal take on formal obedience.

What’s it all about?

Rally ‘O’ is a now a recognised dog sport, but we use it to train and develop the skill level between dog and handler.

Up to 15 signs will be laid out in a course for you and your dog to navigate and execute from start to finish.

What will you learn?

How many exercises? A total of 32 exercises exist in the ‘novice’ level of Rally ‘O’
Handling – learn to have precise handling & lead technique
Be a well oiled team – you will learn to train in a co-operative manner as part of a team.
Skills Development – not all dogs just know how to do things, we may have teach them about rear
end awareness, stay work, manoeuvring around you with the flick of a finger, or a change in stride, pivot work and more.

Bonus Material – our full Rally ‘O’ online training module to help you get it right at home and in-between session along with my training ‘nibbles’ – extra hints and tips to do things.

Who’s it for?

So if your flavour to train runs more to obedience but without the competition, then this is for you!

How to Enrol ?

Contact Colleen for upcoming enrolment dates and Rally On!