In Home Boot Camp

Train Where The Action Happens

Who Is It For?

Busy professionals, FIFO or shift workers or maybe it’s crossed your mind to send your dog away to be trained professionally.

It just makes perfect sense to train a dog where it is at it’s most comfortable and where the problems generally exist or start from and where you can keep an eye on what is happening and see step by step progress.

How Does It Work?

One of our qualified trainers will conduct a initial in home assessment to determine your exact needs, allow 1-1.5 hrs for this session.

Your trainer will then create a tailored plan to work on your training goals and present to you a time frame to achieve certain aspects.

Your intensive tailored plan will usually consist of 4 x 1 hr in home sessions per week, conducted over 3-4 weeks. You are not required to be present for 3 of these sessions, so we can train whilst your busy at work.

Session 4 will be a hand over session where we will show you what we have done, what we need you to do to continue our work, and so the process continues for the coming weeks.

How To Enrol?

Contact Colleen to arrange your initial in home assessment with one of our qualified dog trainers.