Discovery Session

HELP! I don’t know how to begin my dog training journey.

The prospect of working out where to start your dog training journey can be a minefield, so many options, that you may be inclined to file in the ‘too hard’ basket.

We have a way to make this easier on you!

Discovery Sessions are 1 off session at our training centre in Bibra Lake with one of our trainers. You will get the chance to meet us, view our facility, we can work with your dog, work out what your priorities and goals for training are and build you a program.

Even if you’ve done puppy classes elsewhere, we still need to make sure you have the required skills to go through to further training.

Want to know a bit more about it?  Contact us now and get the ball rolling.

What type of training do you require?Primo Puppy SchoolDiscovery SessionBoth Ends of the LeashPrivate ConsultPerfect Fit Harness