Reactive Dog Care Program

A wholistic approach to behaviour modification

Who Is It For?

Reactive dogs and their owners, wether it be fear and aggression based behaviour.

What Is It?

This program is developed by Manners ’n’ More using methods that incorporate positive reinforcement, counter conditioning and desensitisation, we employ ‘least intrusive, minimally aversive’ approach to training dogs. In short we aim to change associations to triggers whilst keeping a dog below it’s ‘threshold’ for unwanted/undesirable behaviour.

The content of this program has been developed with the input of ‘you’ the people that own reactive dogs. We established a focus group, asking owners about their day to day struggles living and training a reactive dog.

The input was valuable with some key stand out points from almost everyone involved in the
session where….

‘I feel alone as the owner of a reactive dog’

‘I feel embarrassed’

‘Training provided encompassed no ‘real life’ experience’

‘Flexible payment options’

How Does It Start?

A initial in home training package, consisting of 2 sessions. Allow 1.5 hrs for the initial session during which we will gain an extensive history on your dogs behaviour. This visit will allow your trainer to see your dog within it’s own environment – home. This is generally where a dog is at it’s most comfortable thus allowing us to gain a baseline for what is your dogs, normal behaviour. We can then use this to compare to all other behaviour.

During this session we will train, install management strategies and begin to plan a path forward.

Your second session will be 1 hr and allows us to return to adjust any training installed at the initial session, continue your training and present your path forward for future success.

How Do Enrol?

Contact Colleen to discuss your specific needs and that of your dog. Colleen will then assign one of our qualified trainers who best suits your needs.