Dogs & Babies

Preparing families with dogs for life with a baby

What is it about?

Have you told your dog your pregnant? Chances are he already knows.Preparing for a baby is an action packed time, so much to do, buy and prepare for, but don’t forget your furbaby.

You need an action plan well before the baby arrives to ensure a smooth transition, you need to be able to identify if it’s all about to go pare shaped and have the confidence to deal with the situation.

Don’t leave it to chance, don’t be the one to say, oh he will be alright, have Perth’s only licensed Family Paws Parent Educator comes in and assess your dog and environment and provide you with a action plan for the new arrival.

Who is it for?

Definitely for those who are expecting, but what about the in-laws, parents, siblings that have dogs that your baby will be exposed to, learn to keep everyone safe at all times.

How to Enrol?

Contact Colleen to arrange a appointment with our Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator.