Doggy Discus

‘The Olympics has gone to the dogs!'

What is it?

Think of the amazing olympic sport of discus throwing, where the goal is to send the disc as far away as possible. Now substitute the disc for a toy!

Sending your dog out onto the ‘court’, when he/she gets far enough away that you’re confident will beat the others, you give the release cue to drop! The team which drops the toy furthest away from their handler wins.

Who is it for?

Any dog which has a attended a basic level of training such as our Basic Manners Course and must be people and canine sociable.

What will you learn?

  • To work as a team.
  • To install a marker.
  • To send out/away from handler.
  • Off leash reliability.
  • Learn to deliver commands from a distance.
  • Pick – up drop an item.
  • To return to handler without the item.

*The judges decision is final.