Both Ends of the Leash

Human & Canine Proprioception

This amazing workshop brings together the concepts of Human & Canine Proprioception

– how what we do at our end of the leash directly effects what our dog does.

Couple that with reliable techniques to learn focused & loose leash walking and you will develop a solid foundation to build upon and continue your training.

(If you haven’t trained with us before, please book a Discovery Session first)

This is a 6 session course (4 x 1:1 private and 2 x Group Discovery Walks)

Session 1 – This is mostly about you: the handler. Helping you to decide what your ‘dog walk’ experience should look like, determine what you expect your dog to be able to do and what your dog is capable of doing. Learn to understand your dogs natural movement and become more in sync to develop a better partnership.

Session 2 – You will begin to develop a skill set to work towards a focused walk, because there are absolutely times when we need our dogs to be focused on us. We will introduced you to some unique training techniques that may assist to ‘slow’ your dog down and ‘improve ‘concentration’.

Session 3 – We will advance your focused walking and develop your loose leash walk. Have a go at our labyrinth, an exercise where you will increase the skill of using your body to become more in sync with your dog, you will also recognise how your body language and muscle tension influences your dog.

Session 4 – We start heading out and about near our facility where there are fewer distractions and prepare you for the Discovery Walks.

Session 5 & 6 – Let’s hit the road! Join your facilitators for what we call a ‘Discovery Walk’. We will be by your side to tweak your skills out in the real world, where the everyday life action happens. We will also introduce you to a different activities to consider when out walking your furry companion.

Added support

  • All the exercises you learn are on our online training platform which is included.
  • A virtual classroom (via Facebook) to post up your videos and get feedback between sessions on how to tweak your technique

Not trained with Manners ’n’ More before?

If you love the idea of this workshop but haven’t trained with us before or for sometime, touch base with our crew and see how you can get on board.