Working with Distractions

Are thing move a challenge for your dog? Would you like to change that?

What is it?

Some dogs can find distractions a real challenge. Some owners can be very embarrassed about their dogs behaviour when distraction arises, it’s not difficult to achieve success around distractions when you do have to know the steps to creating success.

Who is it for?

If your dog is distracted by a ball, bikes, people, dogs, lawn mowers and other such things, we can teach you how to teach your dog to be calmer when these distractions arise.

What will you learn?

Success – the most important element of this workshop, learn ‘how’ to set up for success.
Baby steps – what are they? why do you need them.
Observation – what is your dog saying, learn to interpret their language to help them succeed.
Strategies – there is more than one way to deal with distraction
Know what to do if it all goes wrong.

This 2 hr workshop is facilitated by our own Simone Tuten CPDT- KA Professional Dog Trainer.

How to Enrol

Contact Colleen for the next available workshop date.

Special Notes

Please note this is not a workshop for dogs with ‘reactivity’, reactivity is a different issue and if this is something you wish to address, contact Colleen for assistance.