Perfect Fit Harness - 40mm Clips

To get the right size for your dog, follow these steps;

  • 1. Measure the Girth with 2 fingers under the tape (largest part of the body behind the dogs front legs).
  • 2. Refer to the yellow chart below and select the Girth size (if your dog is a big puller and borders between sizes i.e. 15 / 20mm or 20 / 40mm, then go for the larger size
  • 3. Click here to go to the BREED CHART and work out which harness you need depending on what size he / she is compared to others of the same breed.



So, a 20-L-M-XL would be:

20mm Large Top, Medium Front and XL Girth


* If your dog is under 2 years of age, they will have some growing to do.

* If you have a bitch, she is likely to be smaller than a dog.

* If you are unsure, please contact us at or ph. 0415 136 777 and we'll be happy to help.

Top pieces are available in the following colours:

Blue,Pink, Purple, Red

Hi Vis Black, Hi Vis Yellow

Other colours are available but can take longer to get

Front and girth peices are only available in Black.


Why a Dog Harness?

The area around a dogs throat is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body. The neck contains all sorts of veins, glands and muscles which collars can irritate or even damage.

Dog collars can lead to some of the following problems:

  • - Damage to the Trachea
  • - Thyroid disorders
  • - Eye problems
  • - Irritate sensitive throats
  • - Unintended posturing of a dogs head when meeting another dog face to face.

Why THIS Dog Harness?

  • -Easy to put on: clips around the neck, then swings between the front legs and clips together either side. No need to get it over your dogs head or get him to put a foot through.
  • -Safe for escapologist dogs: the neck hole can be made smaller than the dogs head.
  • -Adjustable over shoulders, front of chest & around the girth.
  • -Front D-ring for use with double ended lead.
  • -Calming: snug fit reassures and relaxes many dogs
  • -Recommended by vets, trainers and behaviourists.
  • -Pieces can be bought separately:
  • -As your dog grows
  • -If you want a different coloured top
  • -If a piece becomes damaged or chewed

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