We’ve taken our Basic Manners and Walking classes to a whole new level……..

Welcome to Rally ‘O’ -  An informal take on formal obedience.  Have fun working your way through our levels from Pre-Novice to Advanced and if you aspire, move on trialling.

Coaching sessions are fun,varied and challenging, learn to train in a co-operative manner, whether you want to go to trialling or just enjoy a weekly outing with your canine, Rally ‘O’ is perfect for everyone.

There are 5 levels in total and all are performed on lead.

  1. Pre-novice
  2. Novice
  3. Intermediate
  4. Advance
  5. Trialling

Pre- Novice

This is for any age and any level of ability and includes.

  • Weekly coaching sessions, learn -
    Basic manners
    Handling techniques
    Reward techniques
    Crate training (Crate training is a necessity as you will be required to move away from your dog, to ‘walk the course’)
    Focused walking, often referred to as heel work
    Learn about spatial awareness
  • Access to our online training videos
  • Plus my bonus ‘must have’ online module teaching you one of best techniques that all great dog trainers wouldn’t be without.


This level is all about the handler learning the exercises

  • Weekly coaching sessions, learn 32 new exercises
  • Courses are laid out by our trainers for you to navigate with your dog
  • Training videos, plus my bonus ‘training nibbles’ for extra guidance
  • Palm cards to download
  • Home Courses for big or small yards to allow practice at home or the park
  • Become part of our Rally ‘O’ Facebook family
  • Upload your videos for extra guidance

Week 9 is graduation, nibbles and a guest Rally ‘O’ judge if their schedule permits


Refinement is the main goal of this level and ensuring your dog understands what you want him / her to do.

  • Weekly coaching sessions -
    Rear end awareness
    Reduce food usage
  • Mock trial for a bit of fun


This a whole new level of refinement, you will really understand the finer points about your dog and how it learns and works best.

  • Weekly coaching sessions -
    New exercises to learn
    New palm cards and Home Courses to download
    Sharpen your heel work
    Learn to work with distractions
    Prepare for the trialling
  • Guest judges will also be invited to come and help us pending their availability


This if the people who want to go onto trialling, but if you want to just keep on coming for that weekly outing then your more than welcome.

  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • Opportunity to submit to your trainer to create exercises or courses based on what know you need to work on that week
  • Specially laid out courses
  • Refinement refinement refinement

Rally ‘O’ is run as a monthly membership, stay as long as you want, finish when you want!  Membership is paid monthly by direct debit arrangement, cost is $220 p/month.

Membership inclusions

VIP status - this mean you get first offer to observer positions to our ‘general workshops’ for FREE!
Such as - working with distractions, meeting & greeting, tricks and more will get added to this menu in time.

Dog & handler positions are also available but normal pricing will apply for these limited positions.