In the coming months Manners 'n' More will be offering Bowen Therapy Treatments as a stand alone service and incorporating it into behavioural modification work.

Bowen Therapy is a cross fibre, muscle rolling soft tissue technique. It can be applied to a single area of concern, addressing soft tissue, muscle, ligaments tendons, skin, organs and fascia (connective tissue) or used a treatment for general wellbeing.

Bowen Therapy is relaxing and promotes the bodies own healing resources. Bowen can provide fast and lasting relief from pain and discomfort and assist with general wellbeing.

Having incorporated Bowen with a number of behavioural issues, I have observed the relief of stress often associated with behavioural issues and at times an increase to exposure of stimulis that can trigger behaviour.

I am offering student rates (as a way to incorporate my log hours for the final stages of my practitioners qualification) for in-home Bowen Therapy treatments for the month of June. Total Cost $40.

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Bowen Therapy